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Why use HP4?

The traditional (external) insulation methods are quite popular, these have plenty of advantages, but - as it is often the case – have some negative side effects too. Below we gathered some points to prove why in our opinion the HP4 is a better solution for thermal insulation.


  • Thanks to different operating principle, the unique characteristics of HP4 increase your home’s comfort even more effectively.


  • HP4 is extremely cost-efficient, saves energy and the implementation costs are lower than those of the traditional methods.


  • The HP4 coating is suitable for straightening indoor wall surfaces and improvement of thermal comfort. It can be applied to concrete and lime-cement walls, lime-cement plasters, on brick walls, thermal bridges, behind the radiators (where the moist condensation causes mold growth) and in every other building with the poor thermal insulation.


  • The applying of HP4 coating does not require scaffolding, can be done even in winter period, and – if budget is tight – can be done in steps, room by room. Applying method is the same as the traditional smoothing before painting.


  • The HP4 coating is an off-white color, paste viscosity, easily mixable material, can be colorized with water-based color pastes, therefore, you can even leave out the additional painting process.


  • So, it is clear that HP4 is a cost-efficient solution.


  • By using the HP4 coating 80% of thermal radiation is reflected back into the room, therefore in the warm months it decreases the warming of the room, while during the cold months it provides quick and steady warming, decreasing the heating costs by 20-40%.


  • The HP4 saves energy for you, namely money!


  • The HP4 coating solves the issues related to moldy walls and thermal bridges too. In case of thermal bridge the temperature of the surface of the wall is lower than its environment, therefore the warm moist air condenses on cooler wall surfaces, whereas he condensed water drops on the wall are the best possible environment for mold growth. The HP4 consists of large number of micron sized vacuum balls that distribute the heat evenly on the surface of the wall, therefore the thermal bridges are insulated and eliminated. By stopping thermal bridging there is no moist air condensation and mold growth anymore. The HP4 coating stops the mold growth in two ways: by stopping thermal bridging, and by moist absorption.


  • Use the HP4 coating in your home, and the thermal bridging and mold problems will be solved for good.
    • Thanks to the capillary effect of the gaps between the vacuum balls, the HP4 dries the walls, and – due to its inordinate and large internal surface, it evaporates the moist. Furthermore, its surface stores the humidity, this way regulating the room’s humidity.


  • The HP4 dries your walls and provides comfortable temperature in your home.


  • Last but not least, the flexible structure of HP4’s bonding material hides the subtle cracks in the wall, resulting much more attractive wall surfaces.
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