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If the comfort of your home is important to you and you want more than the traditional insulation technology can offer, then you’ve come to the right place. The insulation materials we offer - and in particular the HP4 special heat-reflective coating - are much more effective than the standard insulation technology of the past years. 


Our aim is to introduce to our clients the new insulation technologies, that in some cases are yet unknown to the public. This is especially important to us, as most of the products we offer are the result of Hungarian innovation.


We hope that you’ll find all the answers for your questions here, but in case of further assistance needed, feel free to contact us (see below our contact info).


If you decide to insulate and dehumidify your home yourself, feel free to contact us for support and advice for proper usage of our products. We will tell you what tools and methods are the most effective, and if necessary we even can arrange a demonstration of the technology for you.

However, if you choose to hire a specialist for this kind of work, we not only can offer you some contractors, but also – if you already have a contractor – we can demonstrate and teach him the usage of our products.


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