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How to use it?

As mentioned before, the HP4 has excellent thermal reflection properties, its actual insulation effect is based not as much on traditional insulation principles, but rather on thermal reflection.


Suggested layer thickness:

Based on our test results, a layer of HP4 as thin as 1 mm is capable of providing 80% heat reflection back into the room.


HP4 ingredients:

Water based dispersion material – PVAc, VAc, thermoactive ingredients - BGL admixtures.



HP4 is can be colorized with water-based color paints, the maximum quantity of dye must not exceed 7-10% of the HP4’s weight.


Usage in construction industry:

For straightening indoor wall surfaces and improvement of thermal comfort, on concrete and lime-cement walls, lime-cement plasters, on brick walls, thermal bridges, behind the radiators (where the moist condensation causes mold growth) and in every other building with the poor thermal insulation, where the wall width limitation does not allow implementation of other insulation methods.

Our experiences show that in the rooms with the HP4 coating applied approximately 20-40% energy cost saving can be achieved.


Surfaces on which the HP4 can be applied:

Indoor plasters, concrete surfaces and gips carton. For wood, metal and glass surfaces additional bonding material is requested.


   HP4 szórás   HP4 gletteng 





The HP4 coating must be applied on a clean, solid and dry surface. If it has been painted earlier, degreasing of the surface is also required. Before applying the coating repair of the ruggedness and cracks in the wall is also recommended.

Important: the coating must be stirred at low revs. Being water based it can be diluted with water (2-7%) too, but may loose its heat-reflective properties if over diluted.

The HP4 coating is an off-white color, paste viscosity, easily mixable material, can be applied to wall by smoothing or – if properly diluted – by sprayer gun. When using sprayer pay attention to the pressure, it must be kept below 5 bars, higher pressure may cause harm to the ingredients. Same is the reason for stirring at low revs.

After drying the surface can be grinded or painted (depending on the temperature, after 4 hours). When grinding use of respirator is recommended.

After complete drying the surface can be painted over with breathable, moisture permeable paint. By using such paint the coating preserves its heat-reflective property. The HP4 coating works even in extreme temperatures, between -30°C and +100°C.


Coating stains on clothes can be washed with water.

Storage and transport: in its original packaging it can be stored for 1 year.

Protect from cold, keep in temperature between 5 ºC and +65 ºC.


Warranty:  1 year (from the date of manufacturing, only if unopened).  If opened, should be used within short time.


Packaging: 5, 10 and 18 liter cans



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